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Not only is jail expansion immoral, it is also bad business and a bad deal for Whatcom County tax payers. Proposition 2017-6, the so-called "public safety" measure, will only increase taxes and emotional strife for residents of our county.

Members of our organization have experienced first-hand the social and familial destruction that can occur when a citizen is subjected to our inhumane and wasteful local prison system. Many citizens in our jails are held pre-trial, without having been convicted of any crime. During this time, they rack up outrageous fines, fees, and are unable to work or contribute to the community. Why are tax payers picking up the bill so that these unjust practices can continue?

Whatcom County citizens already pay taxes to fund public safety. What we currently have to show for our investment is a poorly run facility that is fraught with waste and mistreatment, one that prioritizes money collection and profit over improving community and restoring lives. We believe the money already exists to renovate the current jail and to focus on true rehabilitation for inmates.


Jail expansion means increasing taxes, increasing prison capacity, and increasing the number of citizens who will be jailed to meet that capacity. History has shown that if the cages are built, they will be filled.



Visit Northwest Citizen for a comprehensive

collection of essential journalism and facts

pertaining to the issue of Jail Expansion in Whatcom County. Reporting by Julliette Daniels (Licensed Attorney), by David Camp (CPA), and by Tip Johnson (Journalist).

The Restorative Community Coalition is a local Whatcom County organization dedicated to reclaiming lives. The RCC are an action oriented coalition advocating for criminal justice reform, as well as restorative, economic and systemic social change. Visit RCC for in-depth reports and documents that make clear the fiscal and moral disaster jail system expansion poses to our local community. Learn more and get involved today.

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